Of Counsel

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Areas of Practice: Patents, domestic and international, patent prosecution.

Tarik Nabi prepares and prosecutes domestic and international patent applications. With more than 15 years of patent prosecution experience, Tarik is particularly effective in analyzing the perspectives and actions of Patent Examiners. He is adept in identifying the questions that arise and anticipating the obstacles that can occur throughout the course of patent prosecution. In addition, Tarik is also involved in performing opinion work for domestic and foreign clients, conducting examiner interviews, drafting Appellate Briefs, drafting licensing agreements, and performing due diligence on even the most extensive IP portfolios.

Tarik delivers an impressive mix of hard science and technological know-how. In addition to being a registered Patent Attorney, Tarik holds a Ph.D. in Electro-Chemistry, an M.S. in Materials Science and a B.S. in Metallurgy. His truly extensive foundation in science and technology has allowed him to more easily bridge the ‘real-world’ gap when designing sophisticated patent applications involving complex technologies and precision innovations. Tarik understands an array of specialized industries, including the electrical, mechanical, chemical, software, hardware, electronics (including semiconductors) and telecommunications arts.

Technical Expertise:
Materials Science

Ph.D. in Electro-Chemistry,
M.S. in Materials Science,
B.S. in Metallurgy,